Professional Liability

A particular strength of Scott, Sullivan, Streetman & Fox, P.C. is our extensive and broad experience in professional liability issues. The firm offers a wide variety of legal services to its clients which include lawyers, accountants, engineers, physicians, medical practice groups, pharmacists, dentists, home health care agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical insurance providers, hospitals and other medical professionals and entities. Largely in response to the dramatic changes in the professional liability area, our clients have driven the expansion of this practice to include a full range of professional liability related legal services.

Most of the attorneys in the Firm have defended catastrophic medical malpractice claims for institutions, individuals, nursing homes and insurance companies. Our experience includes multi-district litigation and high-exposure cases in which plaintiffs seek damage awards, including punitive or exemplary damages, in the tens of millions of dollars or more.

Our extensive experience provides a sound background from which to develop litigation, trial, and resolution strategies that take into account the technical considerations our clients live with every day. We have attorneys with in-depth scientific and engineering knowledge acquired through years of practice in technically complex cases. We also utilize nurse-paralegals who have experience in the daily practice of medicine and health-related businesses. These professionals help identify issues and opportunities related to our clients’ cases. They also allow our team to communicate effectively with professionals in medicine, engineering, and science to prepare for trial and develop persuasive arguments for successful resolution.