Scott, Sullivan, Streetman & Fox, P.C. is an “AV” rated, full service law firm with offices located in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama, and Jackson, Mississippi. The firm consists of attorneys and support staff who provide a broad range of legal services to a diversified group of clients located throughout the United States. The firm is primarily a defense litigation firm representing insurance companies, local and national corporations, professionals, entities and individuals in all state and federal courts.

The attorneys in the firm have the experience, talent and resources to handle both complicated and complex civil matters while striving to provide the most cost-effective, comprehensive and professional services possible to its clients. The firm’s manageable size makes our objectives realistic and obtainable, permitting us to be personable and responsive, with centralized control over the quality of our work product and appropriate staffing for each client matter.

We view our relationship with every client as a joint effort to obtain results quickly and efficiently. We communicate early and often with clients to understand and implement their objectives discussing strategies, settlement opportunities and litigation goals as well as all other aspects of legal matters on behalf of our clients.

Scott, Sullivan, Streetman & Fox, P.C. believes that people and businesses involved in litigation require specialized care and that experienced, qualified legal counsel are essential to the successful resolution of legal matters for our clients. Our diverse staff has both the experience and qualifications to tackle virtually all aspects of litigation. We work with our clients to develop an initial theory of defense strategy at the inception of the file and to establish a plan of action to carry out their objectives. During the life of the case we provide status reports and fiile summaries as established by our client’s needs. The attorneys and staff within the firm understand the importance of each client’s litigation guidelines and expectations and strive to provide services within those requirements. We believe that Scott, Sullivan, Streetman & Fox, P.C. can provide the very best in comprehensive, high quality and cost-effective legal services.